Nocturnal Is Almost Upon Us – For The Enduring Flame!

The land needn't be so dark, for Ardeshir has returned - soldier of the Enduring Flame. Perhaps they'll rid the evil in Nocturnal?

Flamelit skies will be upon us in a matter of weeks as Nocturnal releases on PC and consoles, courtesy of Sunnyside Games and publisher Dear Villagers.

It sounded good from the start – after returning from an arduous journey across the sea, soldier Ardeshir returns home to find an ominous mist threatening his land. As a soldier of the Enduring Flame, he can ward off dark magic, interact with machinery, and dispel the mist.

I played the demo of Nocturnal during the Steam Next Fest and have to say it was interesting – enough to be excited by the imminent release. Not seen it yet? Watch the trailer below:

Nocturnal is coming to Steam, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox (not sure if they’re next-gen versions, to tell the truth – soz) on the 7th of June, 2023. Either way, make a note.