Nocturnal Will Keep Pyromancers Up At Night

More reasons to stay awake - Nocturnal lets you burn a mysterious mist, interact with machinery and generally set the place alight.

Dear Villagers, wait – flame-wielding platformer Nocturnal is from Dear Villagers and Sunnyside Games. This isn’t addressing the locals of that dreaded isle covered in fog. They’re all doomed!

But wait – a hero has arrived that will lift this ominous veil and reveal the secrets beneath. That hero is Ardeshir, a soldier of the Enduring Flame, and they’re returned to their home Nahran, using their flame abilities to extinguish evil, activate machinery and save the day. Be careful not to breathe it all in.

The flames and mist give players a neat balance of oscillating between feeling weak and oppressed, with fleeting moments of triumph as they engulf their weapons in fire. We think it adds a unique flow to a classic genre and look forward to everyone being able to play Nocturnal when it launches later this year.

Gabriel Sonderegger – Sunnyside Game co-founder

Thanks, Gabriel. But what does Nocturnal gameplay look like? This:

Nocturnal is coming to the PC and consoles in Spring 2023. When more details are available, they’ll be announced from the rooftops (this website).