No Straight Roads Breaks Onto PS4 And PC in June

No Straight Roads rocks onto the PS4 and PC in late June. Join two indie-rockers battling out against the oppressive EDM empire, NSR in this action adventure rhythm game.

When you think of the ultimate battles, it tends to be between good and evil; He-Man vs Skeletor, The Fellowship against the armies of Sauron and KSI vs Logan Paul. That latter one is for you Millenials. But what about music? It’s subjective, but that’s the theme in No Straight Roads.

No Straight Roads is the battle between indie-rockers Mayday and Zuke vs the EDM empire NSR. Think of it as the battle between Sex Bob-omb and the Katayanagi Twins in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. NSR has a stranglehold on Vinyl City and droning out the rest of the musical genres; it’s the time to shine for this duo and take back control of the city. 

In the game, you ‘explore eclectic districts, face colossal bosses and lead a musical revolution to uncover NSR’s evil intentions and save Vinyl City from corruption’.

No Straight Roads - Disco
Disco ain’t dead. Source: PR

From the gameplay, No Straight Roads has the traits of a rhythm game but has the freedom of a third-person action-adventure. In some respects, No Straight Roads has a modern Jet Set Radio vibe to it – a good thing as that title still ranks as one of my favourite games of all-time.

The game is directed by Wan Hazmer who was the lead game designer on Final Fantasy XV and Daim Dziauddin, the concept artist on Street Fighter V, and they make up the team at Metronomik, with Sold Out Games on publishing duties.

No Straight Roads is unlike anything we’ve played before, it’s in-your-face, loud and a pretty crazy game… With so much serious news in the world right now, we hope NSR’s quirkiness and originality can bring some much needed fun and funky music to gamers out there.

Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out Games.

With a game so reliant on music, the soundtrack must match the energy of the game, and from the No Straight Roads vs DJ Subatomic Supernova (Base Music Track), it doesn’t disappoint. 

Sold Out will be releasing a No Straight Roads Collector’s Edition which will feature an exclusive double-sided vinyl LP that comprises of some of the tracks featured in the game. Also included is a 64-page ‘The Art of NSR’ as well as a set of official No Straight Roads drumsticks to break out some beats on the go.

You can pre-order the Collector’s Edition for the PS4 now for £59.99/€69.99/$69.99 SRP. 

The release date could not come sooner; unfortunately it’s not until the 30th June 2020 for the PS4 and PC via the Epic Games Store, but it looks worth the wait.