No Place For Bravery Puts Family First In 2021

Family always comes first in No Place For Bravery, even when it's the apocalypse.

Coming in 2021, No Place For Bravery: an exploration of a war-torn world in the hope of finding your child and doing what it takes to protect them.

Everyone likes to give the talk, but how many can follow it up? Not many, I’d wager. But when it comes to protecting your loved ones, everyone has that inner strength that makes them somewhat inhuman.

In No Place For Bravery, you play an anxious parent trying to locate their child in a war-torn world, and the lengths they would go to secure their safety.

No Place For Bravery - Family first
Family first. Source: PR

But hold up for one second: as severe as the themes appear to be, wait until you see the visuals – Glitch Factory doesn’t hold back with their depiction of violence, sword-wielding demons and colossal threats throughout. Publisher Ysbryd Games are only encouraging them.

Emphasis again on protecting your family in No Place For Bravery; this is all in a day’s work for the hero of the title.

I feel the same pride when I navigate the Lego minefield in the living room to make my girls lunch. Not all heroes wear capes. Nor do they make cheese sandwiches.

Despite the hack and slash feel the game portrays, this is unlike similar titles:

Progression is not about leveling up and increasing stat numbers, but earning upgrades discovered from significant encounters and uncovering the secrets laying in wait within the beautiful world of Dewr.

So take the narrative with a pinch of salt, as the following trailer for No Place For Bravery looks wicked!

No Place For Bravery is coming to both the Switch and the PC in 2021.

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