No Gravity Games Announce 3 Upcoming April Titles On Steam

Three new Steam titles in No Gravity Games' April line-up. 66% of them covered on this very site.

A publisher I’m pretty well-versed in has just announced their line-up for April that are coming to Steam. As I’ve reviewed 66% of them, here’s a little extra on No Gravity Games April releases.

There are three new games up for grabs and coming to Steam; one puzzler, and the other two badass retro platformers. The first is Graviter. This is entirely new for me, this is a real-world physics game about gravitational pull – the nemesis of platform games, coincidentally.

The aim is to shrink and enlarge bodies so that you can move around and navigate your way through a hundred or so different levels that feature varying complexity. Coming out on the 8th of April.

While we’re on the topic of complexity while depicting and innocent 8-bit aesthetic, Tanuki Justice is a brutal game when it comes to challenging, and No Gravity Games are on publishing duties… With three modes to choose from, it’ll push most apt gamers, unless you use cheats.

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Tanuki Justice - Fishy
Fishy. Source: PR

Relatively short, it packs a punch for those who want to relive the days of the Sega Master System, or experience it for the first time. A new IP, it’s tapped into the feel of these hardcore games of all pretty well – available on the 15th of April.

Finally, No Gravity Games is offering¬†Golden Force. Not one for the weak-hearted as the tutorial was one of the hardest (and worst!) I’ve experienced. Still, break that initial wall, and the characters and scenarios in this game remind me of the glory days of the 90s.

Vibrant colours, wacky characters, and challenging gameplay are another retro title that will test your skills and patience, but worth it if you stick with it. Coming to Steam on the 22nd of April.

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And perhaps now would also be a good point in directing you to other No Gravity Games, which is relevant and all. Here is a selection of some of the titles tinkered with thus far:

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