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Niravasi now in Kickstarter
Source: PR


Rediscover Niravasi, Then Get The Heck Out Of There!

Time to explore the ancient ruins of Niravasi as it gets a Kickstarter campaign under its belt.

And in Kickstarter news… an upcoming RPG adventure with horror elements, Niravasi, is heading our way, pending it gets the support, so spread the word!

Set on the planet Aetherius, the humans from a not so distant world travelled here with their vast knowledge and resources to build the city Niravasi. Not long after settling, a war broke out between the humans and the native race known as the Antherians. This concluded with the loss of Niravasi.

Niravasi - Have a look see
Let’s have a look see. Source: PR

Some centuries pass, and now an Antherian archaeologist named Mura locates the site to investigate, only they uncover more than they bargained for and have to find a way out. 

The focus in the game is exploration, uncovering the advancements of the ancient civilisation. Only it seems you’re sharing the space with a machine that’s taken over and has a legion of mechanical servants out to get you.

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Niravasi, from King Sangos, is already on the list for a playthrough, albeit the demo. You can beat me to it as it’s freely available – play before you pay. With links to Itch among other platforms, all the links are available on the Kickstarter page.

Check out the trailer below:

Remember, no release date as yet as it’s in Kickstarter, so play the demo and make your assessment, and I’ll share mine in due course!

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