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Nippon Marathon 2 Offers PS4 Support In Kickstarter Campaign

Nippon Marathon 2 offers PS4 support in the current Kickstart campaign that ends 29/10/2020.

Nippon Marathon 2
Source: PR

Nippon Marathon 2 will have an online mode and PS4 support. That means you can now play versus and party modes online with your’ other mates’.

Fact: I still have Nippon Marathon physical edition wrapped up after buying last year. That goes to show how often I play cartridges.

A game from Onion Soup Interactive, PS4 players will also be able to customise their character skins, either as a casual ‘racer’ or competitive through the online support in this game currently in Kickstarter.

Nippon Marathon 2 - Ready
From Nippon Marathon, not its sequel. Source: PR

Included in this Nippon Marathon 2 update is the Go-Go Trolley Bowling and L.O.B.S.T.E.R. party games, all with online capability. With only two people on the development team, they’ve succumbed to the requests to have this on the PS4 after a successful run on PS+ Japan.

This is a game-changer for fans of online party games. Nippon Marathon has always been the closest thing to a Takeshi’s Castle (MXC) or Total Wipeout video game and the inclusion of online support will bring the game to a much wider audience.

Other features will include:

  • Coming Q1 2022 to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC & exA-Arcadia
  • Friends in quarantine? No problem, challenge the ferocious AI patiently await the day you can invite your friends round for a socially distanced session.
  • New and improved cast of crazy characters
  • Silly physics abilities including the “grip” ability, grab your opponent and see what happens.
  • Touka Koukan (equivalent exchange) – Players’ “popularity score” will make or break you in the Nippon Marathon; everything influences your popularity, knocking over politicians = good, knocking over the Queen’s tea = bad!
  • Brand new courses set around the world including London, the USA, France and more!
  • Amazing new character specific B-Moves, such as Elizabeth Nishibori’s “Unicorn Rage”
  • New weapons, such as the shuriken style STAR FRUIT. 
  • Specific stats and animations for each character!
  • All new back stories including how Snuguru Maestro became Elon Mus— wait, what?
  • Minigames and Party Games return! 
  • An amazing soundtrack is back to soothe and/or excite your ears.

Check out the Nippon Marathon 2 Kickstarter video below:

To back the game on Kickstarter, head over to the link above. The campaign for Nippon Marathon 2 ends on the 29th of October.

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