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Ninja Legends on PSVR Sneaky, Sneaky

Go ninja, go ninja go! Ninja Legends coming to the PSVR this summer!

Ninja Legends on PSVR
Source: PR

Ninja Legends is heading to the PSVR this summer. Get ready for a deathly workout featuring katanas and bows!

Yes, yes, yes!

If I continue to write this, you won’t have learned anything new, but let’s just say I’m stoked to see a new PSVR title coming out, and this would be the perfect place to put that ‘take my money’ Futurama meme.

  • Ninjas? Check.
  • PSVR? Check.
  • Katanas and bows? Check.
Ninja Legends - Sneaky
Hardly sneaky. Source: PR

Designed to make the player feel like a ninja, Coinflip Studios seemingly fused the right ingredients to make a promising title. Based on my own ninja experience (sadly, all game-related), it ticks all the boxes in terms of expectations.

Though I kind of hope that there’s a grappling hook option. Greedy, I know.

With over 18 levels over four difficulty modes, Ninja Legends should offer up the right amount of challenge for any budding ninja, plus a wealth of additional challenges and leaderboards. 

Aside from rival ninjas, there are also boss battles to test one’s ninja skills as well as a variety of ‘Shadow Skill abilities to slow down time and take down multiple enemies at once’.

We’re very pleased to bring Ninja Legends to Playstation VR, in collaboration with Perp Games. The intense melee and bow combat of Ninja Legends is unique and we are excited to share it with the Playstation community.

Brian Guenther, CEO of Coinflip Studios

Sounds excellent, Brian. Here’s some footage:

Ninja Legends is out this summer on PSVR, and I’m really looking forward to playing it. Unbiased, of course.

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