Nightmare Frames Walkthrough, 100% Achievements

You've read the review, bought the game, but now you're stuck? Here's a Nightmare Frames walkthrough with all achievements listed.

Another point and click guide, this time a Nightmare Frames walkthrough. You could say my playtime was extended through writing a guide simultaneously, but it’s a relatively straightforward experience.

However, if you get stuck, this is a full Nightmare Frames walkthrough listing all of the achievements, which you can do in one playthrough, often with the chance to go back and get them depending on your save files.

As is always the case with a point and click adventure: talk to everyone for clues, driving the narrative, but more importantly, because it’s fun! Choices don’t matter (that I’m aware of), so it’s unlikely you’ll miss any conversations.

Getting ahead of yourself? Read the Nightmare Frames review here, then go buy it on Steam.

Nightmare Frames Walkthrough

Filmmaker For Hire

Look at the books on the sofa to take out your wallet. Look at the box on the far right to get the 3D glasses. Leave the apartment and go to Peter Evans’ mansion. Talk to the cop after the dialogue, then take a taxi to Flying Saucer Pictures. Look at the rubble, then speak to the guy to find out about Glenn Bishop. Go to Ruskin’s.

Nightmare Frames walkthrough - It begins
It begins. Source: Screen capture

Speak to Jack, then Neil Gordon and ask about Glenn Bishop. Go inside the building, talk to Pam and James, and then unlock a new location. Head into Christopher’s office and once you’ve finished the chat, look at his desk to take some cologne. Talk to Christopher once more and set up a meeting for Neil. Once finished, go back outside to tell Neil about the interview. Next up, Astounding FX.

Speak with Mark, then take a brush next to the Lunatic. Interact with Crunchie multiple times for the Scary Monsters achievement. Let’s leave and meet Glenn Bishop. After speaking with him, go to the umbrella stand and repeatedly click to see multiple film posters and to get The Name of the Game achievement. Next up Joe’s Diner.

Talk to Vicky and offer her a job as an actress. You’ll need to get some photos, so head to Vine Street next. Look at the mailbox outside the photo studio. You can attempt to put your hand in and then use the paintbrush, but you need something sticky. Go to the doctor and speak to the patient; she’ll give you some chewing gum. Click on the gum in your inventory, then combine it with the brush. Exit, then use the brush on the mailbox outside the photo studio, then go inside.

Seedy Photographers, Music and Movie Quiz

Talk to Mitchell. Ask about Vicky’s photos and then threaten him with the photos you’ve uncovered. After knocking him out, go back to Peter Evan’s mansion and show the photos to the cop for the Girls on Film achievement. Go back to Ruskins and enlist Jack for the director role. Give him the cologne you stole from Ruskin’s desk, but it’s not enough. Pop inside the building, use the cologne on the water cooler and give it to Jack. 

Now you have coins, you can use them in the arcade at the diner. Do it! (also, visit the diner three – maybe four times for The Sun Always Shines achievement – based on the TV changing each time.

Quiz 85 Deluxe

Music (Easy) for You’re The Best achievement (Karate Kid reference?)

  1. Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor
  2. Electric Guitar
  3. Ghostbusters 
  4. Motley Crue 
  5. Heaven 17 
  6. Hall & Oates 
  7. Mr, Mister 
  8. Jermaine Jackson 
  9. Eddie Van Halen 
  10. John Foxx 
  11. Janis Joplin
  12. Andy Warhol 
  13. Tobe Hopper
  14. Cindy Lauper 
  15. Men Without Hats 
  16. Hugh Anthony Cregg III
  17. Joe Dallessandro
  18. A Night Like This 
  19. Runaway
  20. George Alan O’Dowd

Horror Movies (Hard) for Scream and Shout achievement

  1. Day of the Dead 
  2. Altered States
  3. The Fog
  4. Inferno
  5. Salem’s Lot
  6. Betamax
  7. He Who Walks Behind The Rows
  8. Captain Howdy
  9. Terror Train
  10. Evil Dead
  11. The Book of Eibon
  12. An Ashtray
  13. Halloween III
  14. Madman Marz
  15. Evil Birthday
  16. Michele Soavi
  17. Fangoria
  18. Flying Piranhas
  19. Peter Vincent
  20. An American Werewolf In London

Become a Seeker, Cults

Now you can go see Glenn Bishop. Following the conversation, meet Helen Westemore. Regardless of your choice, you will have to do Helen’s ‘errand’, so pick whichever option in the dialogue. Now to find Edward Keller.

Nightmare Frames walkthrough - Huh huh Sex
Huh huh “sex”. Source: Screen capture

You can go to Ruskin’s office and speak to all there about him, but go to the FX place for insight. Go to Glenn and update him, then head to Joe’s Diner and talk to Karen for a She’s So Unusual achievement, then speak to Mac as he knows where Eliza is shooting. Head to NBS Studios.

At the studio, move the Eliza standee. Open the electric panel to put some heat on Clark. Feel free to talk to Clark or cut to the chase and place the 3D glasses on the light to get rid of him. Now’s your chance to meet Eliza. After your chat, head to Sigma Omicron….

Go inside the house and walk to the right to meet the cultists. Look in the cabinet to get some scissors, then click on the book next to it to gain a recipe. Go back to Glen Street to the natural medicine shop and show the recipe to Rosa. The doctor will come out and give you a fetch quest. You need a bamboo leaf and some stimulant. Cocaine, to be precise.

Drugs, More Cults, and Jail Time

Go to the rubble site and speak to ‘Guy’. Give the dodgy photos to the cop to get rid of him, then talk to Leroy and get some cocaine. Now go to Ruskin’s office and use the scissors on the plant to get a leaf. Return to the doctor. Give Rosa the drugs and plant. Once you have the syringe, go back to Sigma Omicron.

Use the syringe on the Leader then you’ll automatically go to the Church of Mother Earth. As you can’t get in, you’ll need a recommendation, so speak to Crosby at Ruskin’s. Back to the Church to meet Crosby. Time to meet the founders where you will subsequently piss them off and get kicked out. Once this happens, head to the Luxury Theater.

Nightmare Frames walkthrough - One of us
One of us. Source: Screen capture

Speak to the ticket clerk and buy a ticket. Enter the theater and talk to one of the Church founders (the second row on the right – bald, looks like a judge). After speaking with him, then Ross, you’ll be in your apartment. Leave, then go to Serena. Out of the bus, walk left to get captured by a cop.

Dead Dogs and Screwdrivers

Open the cell door, no key necessary, and exit the area. After speaking with the Chief, grab the jacket on the hanger and take the map on the bulletin board. Pick up the phone and call Joe’s Diner and speak to Vicky for the I Just Call To Say I Love You achievement. Leave the station, walk off to the right and with the map showing, select Gordon Daggett.

Interact with the dog bowl to get some bread, then knock on the door. After Gordon leads you to Milo, inspect all parts and exit. Off to the bridge, and you’ll find some remains and meet up with the Chief. He’ll tell you a shortcut to the bridge, so once the map pops up, head there and meet up with Robert Saxon. Now go to the Gazette.

Look through the debris to get a can. Enter the building and look at the desk on the left to get a small key, then use it on the filing cabinet to get Bill Eastman’s address. Once the Chief arrives, get him to help you open the sewer and head down. Go right and take the screwdriver from the clothes. Go back to Rick and open the panel with the screwdriver to get… another screwdriver! Go left and use the screwdriver on the grate, and exit. 

Throw the screw at the pans to the left, then exit right. Take a bottle on the right and fiddle with the pipe to the left. Use the bottle on the fire in the centre. Once the dialogue finishes, head to the right and enter the drugstore. Take one of the weights from the scales in the centre. Read all three tiers in the magazine rack for the Horror Business achievement, then talk to Paul. If you like. Exit and go to the church.

Gone Fishing and Caravan Club

Nightmare Frames walkthrough - The fuzz
The fuzz. Source: Screen capture

Take the bible on the left (look at it in your inventory to get a crucifix), then look in the toolbox to get the pliers. Talk to the priest to find out about Keller and unlock the cemetery on your map; you’ll also unlock the Marsh home. Go to the cemetery, speak with Willie, and then to Bill Eastman’s home. While he’s preoccupied, repeatedly look at the records for I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll achievement. Take the insecticide off the table, then leave for the Marsh family home.

Use the gas can on the generator. Inspect the cabinet on the wall and use the crucifix to open it to get a key. Follow the cutscenes. Go to where the dog carcass was found and throw the bread in the river to get rid of the goose. Pick up the box where the goose was, then head back to the police station. 

Next to the cell is a press. Use the metal rod on it first, then the metal box. Inside is a hook and spool. Combine it with the weight, then go back to the bridge. Use the hook on the rocks to get the teddy bear. Back to Main Street and use the insecticide on the phone booth (it took me ages to work this bit out…). Go to the police station and call the radio station. Now go back to Eastman’s house.

Talk to Bill, then once finished, head to Main Street. Tommy is standing next to the drug store, so speak with him to get… a can. Go to the cemetery and to the right of Willie, use the can on the mud to get some worms. Back to Main Street and hand over the worms to Tommy. Off to see Patrick Robinson!

Redemption? Amateur Autopsy

Knock on the door twice to enter. Look at Patrick, then open the medicine cupboard and take the empty pill bottle. Head to Main Street and show it to Paul in the drug store. Talk to Paul once more after he refuses to help, and you’ll hear about Patricia Hellman having some pills. Exit and knock on the door to the left of the hardware store (by the phone booth).

Talk to Hellman (she wants the teddy). Look in the rubbish on the floor to get the detergent. Go back to the church, and before going in, use the pliers on the window to get rid of the priest. Go in and bathe the teddy in the font after you’ve used the detergent in it. Return to Hellman and give her the teddy.

Nightmare Frames walkthrough - Party got out of hand
This party got out of hand… Source: Screen capture

Back to Patrick and hand him the pill. Watch the cutscenes, then once the morgue ‘bit’ is done, walk left and inspect the clothes. Once in the church basement… check the desk to the left of Sarah to get the keys, then use them on her. Off to the mausoleum…

Walk to the far right and use the key in the end door. When inside, inspect the coffin, look at the body to get the cufflinks, look at it again to open the jacket, take the tie, click on the body again… and then use the knife on the body. Also, use the cufflinks with the tie. Take the elusive film. Once you become locked in, give the film to Tom(?). When he throws the keys, use the tie/cufflink combo on the grate to get them.

The Screening of the End

When you’re with Helen, give her the film. After the screening and Man of Two Worlds achievement, walk left and click on the ‘?’ on the wall. Also, pick up the creature in the foreground and exit left. Press the call button and go to -1. Walk left and select the jars to get some chloroform, then click on the sink to get another piece. Click on the cabinet and have a friendly chat with the projectionist. Click on the trash for another piece. Back to the lift and go to floor 0.

Talk to Todd, then exit left. Put Ross’ piece in terminal 1 and enter the door. Talk to Ross and tell him something is wrong with the baby’s face. When he’s distracted, take the towel by clicking on the trunk. Exit. Insert the next piece into Terminal 2, and enter the far right door. Look at the plant to take the dagger. Leave the room and keep walking right until you get to Paul and the fountain. Place the remaining piece in the slot and pull. Click on the fountain to get a baby bottle. Back to the lift and combine the chloroform with the towel, then use it on Todd Dixon to get a key. 

Nightmare Frames walkthrough - Doom Enhanced
Doom Enhanced. Source: Screen capture

Back to -1 and use the key on the locked refrigerator. Take the milk and use it in the baby bottle, then go back to David Ross on floor 0 and give it to him. Go back to -2, and while next to the tank, use the knife on the creature, then the crowbar on the tank. Back to 0 and Helen’s room. After the cutscenes, check on Helen, then keep exiting left. Go into the projectionist’s room. Look at the desk to get the lighter. Click on the projector to get the film, combine it with the lighter, and then BOOM! I mean, BURN!


Nightmare Frames 100% Achievements

  • The Sun Always Shines on TV – enter Joe’s Diner three or four times, noting the TV changing.
  • You’re The Best – Ace the music quiz in Joe’s Diner.
  • Scream and Shout – Ace the horror quiz in Joe’s Diner.
  • The Name of the Game – keep clicking on the posters in Glen Bishop’s office.
  • She’s So Unusual – Go back to Joe Diner’s after Vicky gets the job and talk to the new girl, Karen.
  • Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) – keep talking to Crunchie (Ghoulies?) on the far left shelf.
  • Welcome to the Pleasure Dome – can’t be missed – buy a ticket at the booth.
  • Girls on Film – Once you have the photos via Barry Mitchell, go back to the mansion from the start and show the cop.
  • But Not Tonight – Get the bus to Serena (can’t be missed).
  • I Just Call To Say I love You – use the telephone at the police station and call Joe’s Diner.
  • I Love Rock n’ Roll – keep clicking on the records in Eastman’s house.
  • Horror Business – keep clicking on the magazine racks in Paul’s shop on Main Street.
  • Man of Two Worlds – can’t be missed. Happens after the screening.
  • The Evil Dispoer – finish the game!