Upcoming Cozy Exploration Game Terra Memoria Gets A New Trailer

A new Terra Memoria trailer has been released and it's absolutely gorgeous. Check it out, read the words, then wishlist it on Steam.

I almost glanced over the upcoming Terra Memoria as ‘retro turn-based RPG’ sounded like a lot of work. But… with Dear Villagers attached, it was at least worth looking at the trailer and, after the first few seconds had to share this news.

With immediate Octopath Traveler vibes, La Moutarde’s upcoming game looks the part, but it was the ‘cozy exploration game’ that was the catnip. 

After a shortage of crystals, a group of misfits set out to investigate Terra – a land of 3D graphics and pixel art – where players control all party members and tap into each of their stories. Expect to cook, craft and camp in this turn-based adventure.

Check out the enchanting trailer for Terra Memoria below:

Alas, there are no release dates confirmed for Terra Memoria as yet. I’d love to cover it, but I’m not holding my breath…