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New Super Lucky’s Tale Coming To PS4

New Super Lucky's Tale

The accolades trailer for New Super Lucky’s Tale is now out and sitting through the superlatives of how this game is so darn good; I dropped to my knees in tears as I haven’t played it.

Fear not, me: it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 (and Xbox One if you swing that way).

Enough about you, Mr Knight, why should I be excited about New Super Lucky’s Tale?

Why the devil not? 

New Super Lucky's Tale - Grindr
Grindr. Source: Playful Studios

Muster up any of those joyous memories of 3D platformers such as Mario 64Banjo-KazooieSpyro the Dragon or Jenga (if you’re imaginative), and you’ll get the idea: this game is a love letter to classics such as these, except for Jenga.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is so pretty, I feel the cunning of the fox has played a level 12 rogue class deception card, or maybe it’s because Playful Studios have done a ruddy marvellous job on it, and with PQube publishing… it’s no wonder there’s an accolades video.

I wish I was on it with some pithy fox comment.

If you think you’ve got the cojones to retrieve the Book of Ages from Jinx and Kitty Litter, and yearning for a world that will make you fart rainbows (in real-life), look no further than New Super Lucky’s Tale.

Now I know that you’re desperate for my review, as am I, but you’ll have to sit crossed legged until I’m able to get it.

In the meantime, have a look at this assault of vibrant colours, cool characters and impressive level design:

New Super Lucky’s Tale is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, don’t you know, and the PS4 and Microsoft’s bastard step-child this summer.

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