Never Mourn: Denying Death – Irea’s Coming For You

Never Mourn: Denying Death is the first release for Primal Seed. A mother that will do what it takes to save their child in the necromancer RPG.

Don’t fear the reaper in Primal Seed’s debut, Never Mourn: Denying Death, as you’ll effectively giving him less work. Instead of leaving your enemies on their death beds, you’ll reanimate them as your very own army (nothing to do with BTS).

A dark fantasy RPG with rogue-lite mechanics, you’ll take control of Irea, who will go to any lengths to save her child. In this case, she’s not working two jobs but donning her necromancer robe and flirting with life and death.

For each enemy slayer, Irea can bring them back, keeping the same stats and skills before their demise. Besides her growing army, she’ll also wield her powers, and each run will be different due to the variety of spells, skills and passive abilities.

Key features in Never Mourn: Denying Death include:

  • Fast-paced Action RPG meets rogue-lite mechanics for an explosive mix.
  • Attack or support! Switch between the two skillsets and find creative ways to use these in tactical fights.
  • The Necromancy system is at the core of the game design. It brings a deep strategic dimension.
  • An immersive world and story to unveil in a deep dark fantasy universe.
  • Unlock a lot of spells and abilities and try them. Every run will feel different.

Here’s the trailer:

There is no news on the Never Mourn: Denying Death release date, but add it to your Steam wishlist with the linkymajig below.

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