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Neveah, Say Never, It’s Neveah or Never

Save your town from the darkness in Neveah. You just have to escape the tower first!

Neveah coming to the Switch and Steam
Source: Steam

Neveah is an action-adventure where you play a girl trapped in a tower, trying to bring back the light to your town.

There’s not one site on the planet that hasn’t thought about abusing this title. It’s called ‘lazy writing’. Moving on!

When the lights go out, you best put them back on. But when the protagonist in Neveah, action-adventure game, heads to the town’s Tower to switch the lights back on, she ends up getting trapped.

Neveah - Cog
Source: Steam

Inside this dark Tower is a glowing butterfly which she promptly stuffs in her pockets to bring light back to the town. This lighting technique is affectionately known is local circles as The Butterfly Effect.

Located in this Tower of doom, the poor girl that you play has to manouever around monsters and traps to save the town and gift them the butterfly’s light.

Neveah is a monochrome world where lighting plays a crucial role in the ambience and motivation of the title. This journey into the darkness is a venture by CFK – of Silent World and Hotel Sowls fame, so you’re in safe, yet creepy hands. Don’t overthink it.

Watch a girl and her butterfly in the following trailer:

Neveah is coming soon and will be available on the Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam.

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