Neptunia Virtual Stars Only Come Out At Night

Bombastic VTubers take on Anti in Virtualand and Neptunia Virtual Stars, coming in 2021.

Hack and slash Neptunia Virtual Stars gives the PS4 a sultry wink to confirm a 2021 release date.

Set in a dimension known as Virtualand is a series of planets that produce a commodity known as content – notably the tranquil planet EMO.

However, there’s a rival planet named Anti that is intent on destroying the content, thus advances on the population of EMO to wipe out all of its miserable post-Goth sound bytes.

I jest, Emo music is grrrreat.

Neptunia Virtual Stars - Maid
Maid the force be with you. Source: YouTube Screen grab

Led by the Virtual Goddess, EMO sends out a distress call that is answered by two parties: members of MEWTRAL; Mi and Yu, and the Goddesses of Gamindustri, Neptune, Noire, Blanc and Vert. 

Realising that they have a common enemy, both groups join forces to become an oversized robot entitled Meta, and save the people(?) of Emo with the power of love, dice rolling and polite reminders.

Ok, so reading about the story had me getting all cynical as it’s very literal, very cliche, and judging from the maid-like characters – very predictable.


Having seen the trailer, Neptunia Virtual Stars, from Idea Factory International, looks pretty good, and the combat reminds me a little of Final Fantasy VII Remake (but that’s coincidental as I’m currently playing it at the moment).

Alas, the game is only for one player, but it shows a lot of potential for when the game finally arrives in 2021. Have a look at the trailer yourself and see if it persuades you too:

Neptunia Virtual Stars will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2021 with the option for Japanese or English (and for those of you who don’t speak Nihongo, subtitles too).

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