Dying To Be Mayor? Try NecroCity: Prologue

Show the dead how to live in citybuilder/tower defence demo NecroCity: Prologue - out now on Steam.

Nothing’s for free unless it’s a prologue. Good news then – NecroCity: Prologue is free to play, and… it’s available now on Steam, boasting a whopping five maps. Count ’em!

As one might surmise from the title, a bit of death is involved. In the game, you play as a young Prince of the Undead who has to prove themselves in the world of the Undead Kingdom. 

NecroCity: Prologue blends city building and tower defence mechanics as you must build and defend your main building Ziggurat. In the prologue, you can summon workers, mine bones, and capture souls – aand that’s all before the school run.

Check out the trailer:


NecroCity: Prologue, from Gameparic, is available now on Steam.