Naught Has A Lot More On Offer Than The Title Suggests

A 2D platform adventure where you rotate the environments, NAUGHT is out this month.

Coming to the Switch, PS4 and Steam at the end of the month is 2D platformerNaught.

With so many review titles on the go at the moment (definitely a good thing!), I haven’t covered much news today, so let’s kick off with a platform title.

Naught is a 2D platform title from WildSphere that’s coming to the PS4, Switch and Steam.

Naught - Shadows
Into the shadows. Source: WildSphere

You control the main character, coincidentally called Naught, by manipulating the environments by rotating the scenes. Remember LocoRoco on the PSP? It’s like that.

With over 40 levels to explore, collecting diamond fragments, uncovering hidden locations and picking up seeds, there’s plenty of variety, including time trials.

We were working on Naught for a long time and it’s one of our most beloved projects. I feel very proud of working again on this saga, on a new game and to be able to continue working on it after this release.

Miguel Díaz, project director at WildSphere

Here’s some footage:

Available from the 31st July, with 10% pre-order bonuses from the 24th, you can pick it up on the Switch, PS4 and Steam.