Natsuki Chronicles Is A Slick Bullet Hell Shmup In The Ginga Force Universe

Set in the Ginga Force, Natsuki Chronicles is 10-stage horizontal shooter oozing with bullet hell situations.

In my best Samuel L. Jackson impression: “Mmm-mmm a new shmup”. Sure, he’s not said that in a film, and as you can’t hear me, that performance was stellar. Here’s some news about Natsuki Chronicles.

If you’ve flown a ship or two, you will have come across the wicked Ginga Force – no, not that South Park parody but the old school shoot ’em up with a modern flavour.

Natsuki Chronicles shares toothbrushes with Ginga Force, from Qute Corporation and Rising Star Games, shifting between the past and present over ten stages in this bullet hell setting. Featuring plenty of customisation and boasting 4K 60fps on the PS4 Pro and PS5, and 144Hz up to 4K on PC, this’ll be a blast. Ha, “blast”.

Key features include:

  • A Story Mode with an intersecting narrative that runs parallel with Ginga Force, alternating between the past and present over 10+ intense stages.
  • The innovative “Bullet Trajectory Display” system, allowing players to observe the direction of enemy bullets, giving them a way to navigate through this bullet hell!
  • An Arcade Mode for a quick bullet hell fix, complete with online leaderboards.
  • A huge selection of customization options with over a hundred weapons, echoing its predecessor Ginga Force.
  • A wide variety of equipment discoverable throughout the game, making for added replay value as players add to their collection.

Check out the trailer below:

Natsuki Chronicles is available on PS4/PS5 and PC via Steam. If you aren’t as impulsive like me, stick around as a review is inbound.