Type This: Nanotale Typing Chronicles Is Officially Out This Month

Time to make all that chatroom experience work in your favour; typing adventure Nanotale Typing Chronicles out this month.

I have played about three typing games in my life: The Typing Of The Dead (shout out to the Dreamcast crew), Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing on the Amiga, and… probably some Miniclip game. Nanotale could go into Nanotale Typing Chronicles list at the top pretty darn swift.

I’ve reviewed Nanotale – Typing Chronicles here

Granted, typing games aren’t usually synonymous with the big titles, but it shows so much promise. Considering the amount I type daily; I could be a pro at this game. Then again, accuracy is probably critical, and looking at the red lines on this text makes me think 12 is too many coffees. I jest…

Nanotale Typing Chronicles is a typing adventure from Fishing Cactus currently in Early Access but will launch on Steam and Stadia on the 31st of March. A spiritual successor to Epistory (forgive me, as per the opener, it’s not a familiar title), the goal is to save the fantasy world through spells and typing.

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Nanotale Typing Chronicles - Quick type a caption
Quick – type something witty! Source: PR

We have listened to the community in the Early Access and are now proud to release the full version with improved performance, breathtaking cinematics and voice-overs, and new powers and biomes to discover! Wishlist Nanotale on Steam today so you don’t miss our launch on the 31st!

Bruno Urbain, CEO of Fishing Cactus

As the world’s magic grows weaker, players take control of an Archivist named Rosalind. Her journey to collect plant and rock samples, noting all the mysterious shenanigans. 

Eventually, she’ll be tasked with more than just a sampling mission, encountering other characters, puzzles and unleashing spells through the use of the keyboard; Nanotale Typing Chronicles has piqued my interest.

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Here’s the trailer:

Nanotale Typing Chronicles will be out of Early Access and launched officially on Steam and Stadia on the 31st of March.

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