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Naera Project coming to PC
Source: SHK Interactive


Naera Project Is A First Person Puzzle Adventure Coming To PC in 2021

Currently in development by solo developer SHK Interactive, Naera Project is an upcoming first-person puzzler.

I’m always in awe of solo developers. I get the autonomy, as despite being a ‘team player’ and all that crap, working alone is my preference. But how on Earth can one person make a game such as Naera Project?

This is a first-person puzzle title from SHK Interactive (Twitter link) and currently offers 35 puzzles in a game in the development phase and heading to PC, and it looks ace.

Solving a Naera Project puzzle is time-restricted, so you have to do it in the time specified. Perhaps more challenging is beating your own time and replaying rooms via the numerous difficulty levels.

Naera Project - Woods
Woods… Source: SHK Interactive

Further details are a bit limited at the moment while it’s in the early stages, but based on the premise, screenshots and gameplay trailer, this is a puzzle title worth watching.

Here’s a gameplay trailer:

Naera Project will come to consoles, but for now, it’s exclusively on the PC and will be released sometime in 2021. In the meantime, bookmark the official site for updates.

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