How Low Can You Go? Nadir Is A Rogue-Like In Kickstarter

Ever feel like you're in a living hell? You got nuthin' on Nadir, a dark rogue-like deck-building title currently in Kickstarter and from the team that brought us Alder's Blood.

Grab your deck; it’s time for some rogue-like building in this dark JRPG, Nadir. Currently in a Kickstarter, this upcoming title is heading to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC.

In the game from Shockwork Games (Alder’s Blood), you will command a group of avatars that represent the Mortal Sins; the goal is to reach the lower depths of Nadir. A seemingly endless city made up of circles, as per Dante’s Divine Comedy, ‘the only thing that waits for you is eternal suffering’. A cheery one, then?

Nadir game - Prothet
Prothet. Source: Shockwork Games

The art style is very cool, as you’ll see in the screenshots and trailer, taking inspiration from the likes of Sin City. One of the game’s selling points is the extensive modding support, so if that’s your thing… well, there you go.

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Players will be able to pick a team of three to head into the abyss, boasting some fast, turn-based battles, utilising character builds and working as a team. Though a turn-based title, there’s a timer on-screen indicating when the enemy will strike next, adding to the urgency of this rogue-like.

A note on it being a rogue-like; once your avatar dies, you will lose all their respective cards. Gutted. Here’s a Nadir trailer from an amazing YouTube channel:

Find out more about all the features and see exclusive artwork on the Kickstarter page, and if it’s something you could get behind, why not back it?

I have the Nadir demo to play in a moment, so look out for a preview in the next few days.

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