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My Baby, Your Baby – Let’s Compare!

Build a baby in My Baby, coming to the Nintendo Switch this August.

My Baby release date on the Switch
Source: Microids Life

My Baby is the first in a series of games from My Universe, and it’s heading to the Nintendo Switch next month.

Gone are the days of the Tamagotchi – what a neanderthal piece of trash! Who wants a pixelated has-been when you can have your own baby without getting covered in rusty water?

My Baby, developed by Smart Tale Games Studio and published by Microids Life – that’s what. Grow your own little rug rat from newborn up to 2-years old, watching them flourish into mini extensions of you.

My Baby - Peace
Source: Microids Life

Having gone through this twice now, caring for a baby is probably one of the hardest simulators out there, but My Baby is oh so… cute, you’ll be coming back for more. The baby will make sure of that when you have to change their nappy in the night.

But, turn off the Switch and go back to sleep. It’s a virtual baby, silly.

In the game, you can give the baby a name, changes its gender, ethnicity, clothes, haircut and other elements that thankfully aren’t part of real-life just yet. As the baby grows, you unlock coins to purchase new outfits!

Here are some of the features from My Baby, the first in a new series called My Universe:

  • Full customization: Create your dream baby! Pick its clothes and personalize his/her bedroom.
  • Totally immersive: Interact with your baby as if it was really there by your side!
  • Dozens of activities: Tons of daily activities to discover and master! Learn how to take good care of your baby.
  • Explore the neighborhood: Take your baby around the house and set sail for an adventure outside. Pay a visit to the hairdresser and even to a clothing shop!
  • Photo mode: Capture the most astonishing pictures of your newborn to unlock new outfits in the store! You can also share them with your friends and relatives.

Up for some animation? Here’s a video below:

My Baby is coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 18th of August 2020.

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