LeBron James And More Added To MultiVersus From Tomorrow

No, not the Multiverse but MultiVersus: the Warner Bros. beat 'em up featuring some beloved characters like Batman, Rick and Morty and Bugs Bunny. Beating the crap out of each other...

MultiVersus had me confused. I first heard of it from an acquaintance who told me it was an upcoming Smash Bros. type game, only with Warner Bros. characters. So not to forget, I added it to my wishlist, but then it said you have to pay for it.

Reading through the deets this morning from the publisher, MultiVersus is free-to-play but likely to be that Fortnite model where you can buy upgrades (optional and not a paywall) as it’s season-based. Anyhoo, ‘the news’.

The latest reveal is a gameplay trailer featuring LeBron James – from Space Jam: A New Legacy – who plays basketball now and then, nit no way better than the original actor in the first Space Jam, Michael B. Jordan. Man, he’s aged well.

More importantly, Rick features in the game, who can summon Meeseeks and work hand-in-hand with Morty. Are we on first-name terms? Yeah, Rick and Morty. Other characters in the game include Batman, Superman, Taz, the Iron Giant, Jake and Finn (Adventure Time), plus loads more.

Here’s that MultiVersus gameplay trailer:

MultiVersus is in open beta from tomorrow (26th of July 2022) for the PS4/5, Xboxes and the PC. Follow any updates via this Twitter link.