Mullet Madjack: This Is How You Wear A 90s Mullet In The Present Day

Destroy billionaire robots! Rescue an influencer! Get dopamine fixes! Sport a mullet! Mullet Madjack, a 'golden age-inspired anime FPS' is heading to Steam.

‘Sex’ is attention-grabbing in any headline, but for me, ‘mullet’ is more of a lore, especially when it’s attached to Mullet Madjack, a ‘frantic retro FPS inspired by old school anime’. You know what old school means, right? Done proper.

From Hammer95, a trio of devs mad on classic anime, you play as the titular hard-boiled cop on a rescue mission to save an influencer (is that necessary? Surely a sponsorship will bail them out)) from hordes of billionaire robots who are addicted to dopamine.

You, too, need that dopamine hit, so battle through each enemy-filled skyscraper while being watched by a live stream of adoring fans – The Running Man style. That said, there’s an emphasis that Mullet Madjack takes the bulk of its inspiration from the golden age of anime. Excuse me while I wipe the drool away…

Key features include:

  • Exciting and dynamic combat: Race against time and infiltrate a building alone, overcoming each floor until you reach your objective.
  • Campaign mode: Clear floors filled with robots, and in crucial moments, execute ultraviolent finishes on your enemies to survive.
  • Survival mode: Utilize your skills in an endless mode and outdo your friends.
  • Unique visual and art style: The contrasting colors between black and vibrant neon evoke the aesthetics of violent and adult anime from the era of VHS tapes.
  • Engaging narrative: Set in an Old School cyberpunk world full of robots, the aesthetics of 90s anime merge with an action-packed environment.
  • Nostalgic soundtrack: Inspired by the synthwave genre, the soundtrack sets the tone and urban atmosphere of the game.
  • Evolve your character: Enhance your character with smart choices so that you can reach the top floor in the best possible time or you’ll have to try again, all in the best Rogue-Lite style. But remember that each upgrade will affect how the game is played. 

Mullet Madjack, published by Epopeia Games, will be available on PC via Steam on May 15, 2024.