Upcoming Psychological Horror Game Mouthwashing Confirms Publishing Deal

Lost in space, starving and equally mad, the crew members of Tulpar find themselves in a bit of a pickle in Mouthwashing.

Wrong Organ, the developers of one of my top picks for 2024, Mouthwashing, has just announced a publishing deal with Critical Reflex (Buckshot Roulette). Do we have a release date? No, but there is a playable demo available.

Sent on the interplanetary freighter Tulpar, its crew of five find themselves stranded off course and running out of supplies. Not only is starvation kicking in, but so too are the hallucinations and paranoia amongst their fellow co-workers.

Mouthwashing was playable during the Steam Next Fest (and currently still), and this story-driven psychological horror was easily one of my favourite games to play. Key features include:

  • Inescapable Isolation: Explore claustrophobic corridors as time closes in on you.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Every detail tells a story. A keen eye is key.
  • An Unfolding Narrative: Uncover the truth about your captain, your crew, and your cargo.
  • Descend into Madness: Question everything, trust nothing. Not even your own mind.
  • Unforgiving Brutality: Hope to die, or for goodness sake, pray that everyone else did.

Here’s a trailer:

Do yourself a favour, follow the devs on X, and wishlist the game on Steam. Deets below.