Morkull Ragast’s Rage Also Gets Distribution In Asia, Courtesy Of SelectaPlay

Be the villain and feel proud in the upcoming Morkull Ragast's Rage - heading to Steam.

SelectaPlay is continuing its partnership with Astrolabe Games by being the Asia digital partner for the 2D action platformer Morkull Ragast’s Rage, due later in 2024.

From Disaster Games, you play as Morkull, God of Death and Darkness and Lord of the Ragast. Game developers have a knack for making such a character sympathetic and, perhaps, you aren’t the baddie in the game. However, Morkull knows he’s the villain and is more than happy to break the fourth wall to let you know.

Key features include:

  • Art and animation – Morkull Ragast’s Rage is completely hand-drawn and animated frame by frame. Inspired and influenced by traditional animated films and other two-dimensional video games. This traditional animation endows the entire cast of characters with great naturalness and life within.
  • Break out of the fourth wall – What makes the game special is Morkull himself, his personality and character along with that fourth wall break that allows him to talk to players as if he were right there. We have endowed Morkull with great charisma and personality, constantly generating a lighthearted atmosphere, loaded with constant humour, bad jokes and pop culture references.
  • Combat system – You’ll have your own hands and all the power that comes with being the God of Death and Darkness of course… plus you’ll have a wide selection of combos and abilities that will allow you to fight your way through the deepest corners of the Ragast.

Morkull Ragast’s Rage will be unleashed on PC via Steam, Xbox consoles, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch via digital platforms later in 2024. A playable demo is available now on Steam.