More Football Games Worth Playing On The Switch

Back by popular demand (i.e. it's Euro 2020 and people wanna play football games), here are some more football games worth playing on the Switch (or perhaps not?)
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I regret shoehorning the best football games on the Switch to a number, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Since compiling that list, a few more footy games have come out, so this list is exactly that: more football games worth playing on the Switch.

Whether they’re good or not is debatable, but with Euro 2020 encouraging armchair critics that they could do a better job, provoking people to use jumpers for goalposts, or even better: picking up a bargain off the Nintendo eShop, it felt time to make another list.

Here’s a round-up of the football games since the last list, with a few comments along the way.

Football Drama

Football Drama on UK eShop

Football Drama - Scandal
Scandal incoming… Source: Steam

Football Drama was a bolt-on to the other feature, and quite frankly, it’s a football game worth having on the Switch for the experience alone.

But hold up: this isn’t a typical footy game of controlling your players directly, and there isn’t that much scope for management either – it’s about the drama on and off the pitch.

It sounds a bit sketchy, but I liked it. Read the review and weigh up if it’s for you.

Alpaca Ball Allstars

Alpaca Ball Allstars on UK eShop

Alpaca Ball Allstars
Source: Steam

This was in my family game list, and like Football Drama, it isn’t a typical game of two halves. If it wasn’t indicative of the title, the players in the game are Alpacas.

Yep. One for the kids, methinks. Still, with the right audience, this is an alternative to the typical games out there. Honestly? It wasn’t for me, but if you have kids you’re trying to brainwash into the beautiful game, it could be a decent babysitter while you play a game on the PS5 or make a start on that novel.

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Street Power Soccer

Street Power Soccer on UK eShop

Street Power Soccer
Street Power Soccer. Source: PR

Street Power Soccer’s got a bit of a bad rep. Unfairly if you ask me. Sure, it’s super stylish and perhaps lacking in substance, but in my opinion, it was a bit of a mini-game extravaganza rather than something you’d play 90 minutes at a time.

The cutscenes are a bit naff, and you might come off as a bit of a Ronaldo-type as you shimmy the ball, flip it all over your head and bend it like some bloke who’s friends with James Corden, and individually save the day.

Not for everyone, but I think it’s one worth playing – even if you find it a novelty. I reviewed this on the PS4 when it came out.

Super Soccer Blast

Super Soccer Blast on UK eShop

Super Soccer Blast
Super Soccer Blast. Source: Screen capture

Still quite possibly my favourite football game on console. This just got a new iteration in Super Soccer Blast: America Vs Europe. It was on the list to cover, but I didn’t get time to follow up.

That said, reviews have been a bit iffy, which is a shame, as I enjoyed the earlier games for both the Switch and PS4. It’s a bit cute and too simplistic for some, but the handling of the ball is refreshing compared to both FIFA and PES. 

You have a choice.

16-Bit Soccer

16-Bit Soccer on UK eShop

16-Bit Soccer
16-Bit Soccer. Source: Nintendo

When you only get to play one half in a demo, you’d think that 16-Bit Soccer would be off the list immediately. I mean, at least let us play a match – even if the total is for 3 minutes.

Well, there might have been a consensus as this rapidly dropped down into the sales early on, and I picked it up to relive the Sensible Soccer days. In all honesty, I haven’t played it that much, but at 89p (at the time of writing), it’s worth giving it a try. 

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Super Arcade Soccer 2021

Super Arcade Soccer 2021 on UK eShop

Super Arcade Soccer 2021
Super Arcade Soccer 2021. Source: Screen capture

For a while, the original was my go-to switch football game. I could look past the Lego helmets/hats. But playing repeatedly, the flaws stuck out more than they should have, and I had to concede that it wasn’t as good as I initially thought.

Well, Super Arcade Soccer 2021 builds on all of those flaws and corrects most of them… but neglects a few things that worked the first time. That said, the solo dev is super passionate and continues to improve the game, and he’s done a great job thus far. Visually it’s so much better, and I think I’d go and say it was one of my favourite looking football games – in terms of minimalism. 

If you’re not looking for realism like FIFA, then this could be your next target.

Honourable Mentions

That lazy title once more, but it’s to say that there would be another two games on the list, but I haven’t played them yet.

The first is Golazo! I thought I already had this but got mixed up with another title, so expect some typing on that in the coming weeks.

Kickerinho World is a new one that will be reviewed in the next few days (actually, scratch that). It doesn’t appear to be a conventional footy game and perhaps more on par with California Games or even Street Power Soccer, but with a family vibe. 

Cutting edge feature here. You’d believe me if I told you how long it took to put together, unlike most of my other features.

Ta for reading, and if you have any suggestions on football games I’ve missed or something you recommend perhaps on another system (other than Xbox – I don’t have one of them), I’m all ears.

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