Farm, Collect, And Explore In Moonstone Island

A cute creature-collecting adventure game, Moonstone Island has a whopping 100 islands to discover so that you can become a fully-fledged alchemist.

Raw Fury certainly back titles with some exciting intros. The one that you’ll see in the Moonstone Island trailer is gorgeous, and it comes as no surprise that the game has been inspired by some of the Ghibli greats.

Developed by Studio Supersoft, this is a creature-collecting adventure with a 90s Zelda aesthetic and turn-based encounters. Rather than boast about how many creatures are in the game, the focus is the 100 islands to explore!

Key features include:

  • Explore a Wondrous World: Travel by balloon, broom, and glider through unique biomes to reach the farthest edges of the world.
  • Settle Into Your New Home: Build, decorate and customize a cozy new home of your own on any of the more than 100 islands in your procedurally generated world.
  • Make New Friends & More: Become a true member of the community – befriend your NPC neighbors, go on dates, and fall in love!
  • Discover Wild Spirit Companions: Tame and befriend wild Spirits to fight alongside you in card-based combat.
  • Go Dungeon Crawling: Explore dungeons to earn upgrades, collect loot and uncover secrets.
  • Become a Full-fledged Alchemist: Optimize your alchemist with unique skills and upgrades, and craft dozens of items and vehicles to prepare for the treacherous wilderness.
  • Build Your Own Farm: Grow crops and flowers to brew potions and tame Spirits.

Check out the Moonstone Island trailer below:

Moonstone Island is out on the PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch from the 20th of September, 2023. The Steam version will have a 15% launch discount, with the Switch to follow later.