Moonscars Has More Shades Of Grey Than You Can Imagine

A 2D Metroidvania, Souls-like, dark fantasy - you name it. Moonscars is coming to PC and consoles at the end of September, and one you'll want to check out.

Be honest, did you read Moonscars as Moon Cars? I know I did. Not knowing a thing about it, I watched the trailer and immediately fell in love. The Souls-like comparison is fair, despite its overuse.

Without even playing it, I’d bet money this is as hard-as-nails. Developed by Black Mermaid and published by Humble Games, it’s evidently a Metroidvania-type, with a dark fantasy vibe about it.

In Moonscars, you play as the warrior Grey Irma with the goal of finding the Sculptor and unravel the mystery of her existence. Hhhmmm… a bit ominous? It doesn’t matter: it looks amazing.

Watch the sexy 16-bit-like trailer here:

Moonscars is coming to Steam, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One from the 27th of September. You’ll also be able to pick it up on Humble Choice and Game Pass. Woo hoo!

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