Moons of Darsalon – How Many Darsanauts Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Rescue the darsanauts, kill enemy aliens, and tear up the terrain in physics-based platformer Moons of Darsalon - coming to PC in April.

The doctor is ready to see you now. Ballsed that up a bit – there’s no doctor other than solo developer Dr. Kucho – yes, that Dr. Kucho, and he has a no project for you: Moons of Darsalon, and it’s coming to a PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) near you!

Eight years in the making, this platformer has more under the hood than it may appear. It begins with enrolment into the Darsanauts Rescue Missions – challenges where you must lead your colleagues to safety via the closest base station. Besides battling aliens with a “laser”, our hero can destroy obstacles using their jetpack, obliterate terrains, and make new paths.

Key features in Moons of Darsalon include:

  • Fast-paced laser gun shooting action against dangerous alien creatures.
  • Enhanced mobility thanks to accessories like the jet pack and vehicles like the space truck and drop ship.
  • Darsanauts implement advanced platforming AI including dynamic terrain detection, jump force calculation, light sensitivity, inter-NPC communication.
  • Voice Commands to control companion NPCs.
  • Dynamic ground destruction and creation: Destroy terrain and make new paths with the ground maker gun.
  • Fully interactive and realistic liquid physics.
  • Realistic off road vehicle physics.
  • 8 bit music based on MOS 6581 (SID) chip from 1982 and speech synthesis.
  • Graphics are generated with a unique render pipeline that combines modern lighting, 2D sprites and 3D models pixelated in real time, all featuring a restricted color palette for an authentic retro feel.
  • And of course, we cannot miss the good old CRT filter!

A CRT filter?! Sold! Here’s the trailer:

Moons of Darsalon is out on the 19th of April, 2023, on PC.