Monster Truck Championship Smash!

Coming this October to multiple platforms, Monster Truck Championship - a realistic driving sim.

The third in Pixar’s trilogy, Monster Truck Championship puts loveable duo Sully and Mike in the big league with fellow monster tr.. ah. It’s nothing to do with Pixar, but Nacon’s latest.

Developed by Teyon, this monster truck simulator will be heading to the PS4, Xbox One, Steam and then later, the Nintendo Switch from the 15th of October.

Choosing from one of 16 vehicles over five different events, you get to crush it in a total of 25 stadiums and circuits throughout the United States.

Monster Truck Championship - Flippin' eck
Flippin’ eck! Source: PR

If you’re a fan of customisation, you’ll be pleased to know that you can improve the handling and performance with each vehicle, such as switching the tyres to fitting the best suspension. But can you change the colour of your truck in Monster Truck Championship? Hell yeah, as well as the front and rear accessories. You can sticker bomb it too!

The focus is more on a realistic approach to driving, so don’t think that this is an Incredible Hulk variant of smashing everything in sight as you’ll need to be more Driving Miss Daisy than Death Race 2000.

Have a looksie at the Monster Truck Championship trailer below:

Out on the 15th of October for the PS4, Xbox One and Steam. The Nintendo Switch version will follow in due course.

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