Monobot Release Date Set For June 2021

Drawing in inspiration from Limbo, Oddworld and Wall-E, join Mono in their search for a Monobot release date - wait, here it is: June 2021.

Taking inspiration from Limbo and OddworldMonobot is a 2D physics-based platform puzzle game published by Ukuza, and will be launching in June on Steam.

Set in a (hopefully) distant future, Mono is a robot that comes online to find a world of hostility and decay. They must scour the remnants to discover what has happened to humanity and why the heck it’s so untidy.

Progress in Monobot comes from enhancements as Mono will gradually upgrade, boasting new features that include a teleportation arm and a magnetic arm that allows them to zip towards magnetised surfaces. 

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Monobot release date - Where's the humanity_
Where’s the humanity? Source: Steam

Robert Jiang, the founder of DreamSmith Studio, who are developing the game, enlisted the help of Ukuza to realise an idea that originated several years ago. Taking inspiration from classic puzzle games, as well as Pixar’s Wall-EMonobot has an appealing premise.

We are about stories and characters. The connection you build with Mono is impressive seeing how the player is limited to only a few eye expressions. His personality and fear make you feel for him and his situation. You want to see him to safety.

Drew Crockett, Director of Content at Ukuza.

Check out the trailer below:

The Monobot release date is set for June of this year on Steam, but before then, there’s a playable demo available now. Link below.

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