Minute Of Islands Delayed. It’ll Be Ready In A Minute…

Regrettably, Minute Of Islands has been delayed on all platforms following some testing.

Rats! Minute Of Islands has been postponed to a later date, but that’s what should happen when a game’s not ready, right? As gutting as it may be, it’s an excellent way to pre-empt the inevitable Twitter rages.

Initially scheduled for the 18th March 2021, due to ‘some major technical issues that occurred during the last round of testing’, it’s been postponed with no fixed date as yet.

While this is disappointing, it’s understandable that both Studio Fizbin and Mixtvision want Minute Of Islands to be experienced as intended. If you’ve played the demo, you’ll appreciate how important the story is to the game, so let’s hope it’s ironed out with minimum fuss.

We can’t wait to see our game out in the wild, but we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy it in the best possible condition. We hope players will soon be able to follow in our protagonist Mo’s footsteps across the vivid world of Minute of Islands and find out for themselves what makes the game so special.

Anjin Anhut, Game Director at Studio Fizbin

Here’s a trailer, just in case this is new to you:

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Minute Of Islands will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One (with backwards compatibility support), Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. Add to your wishlist, as I did after playing the demo.