Be The Creator In Upcoming World-Builder, Miniland

Create your own biomes, mine, farm, steal, craft, sit, breathe - plus many more verbs in this indie world-builder Miniland, coming to Steam.

God complex? Create your own world in Miniland – an open-world survival game developed by Imikowski Dev and published by Gameparic, coming to Steam ‘soon’.

Every day you will receive new biome tiles to do with as you please on your own digital landscape. Where creativity is key, you’ll work with forests, deserts, grasslands, snow and more, collecting and crafting from a wealth of resources.

Miniland is a pretty damn cute pixel art excursion that shares a few similarities with the excellent Forager. Like the latter, besides crafting and farming, there’ll also be monsters to fight, so it’s not all about taking it easy. I’m just guessing now; the press material was minimalist.

Here’s a trailer:

While it’s coming soon, we should see Miniland on Steam late this year or in Q1 2023. You know what to do about that, right? Wishlist it now!