In The Mood For Noods? Midnight Ramen Might Satisfy That Craving

The food of love? Perhaps not, but get to know your customers in upcoming Steam interactive novel Midnight Ramen.

You may say you’re a fan of ramen, but until you have miso cheese, or perhaps miso tsukemen, you know nothing Jon Snow. Also, until you’ve sat at a counter eating the master out of all his supplies after closing time on a Friday night – correction, every Friday night (true stories), you might not fully appreciate just how wonderful Midnight Ramen sounds.

Inspired by the TV series which immediately came to mind when reading the press for Cointinue Games’ interactive novel, the Netflix show Midnight Diner, you play a late-night ramen stall owner working alongside an apprentice serving customers.

Like Coffee Talk and similar titles, not only do you serve the customers in Midnight Ramen, but you also have a good old natter, listen to their troubles, and offer some advice. 

Key features include: 

  • Captivating storyline
  • Immersive dialogue-driven experience
  • User-friendly ramen cooking system
  • Convenient chapter navigation

Here’s the trailer:

Midnight Ramen doesn’t have a release date set, but hop on to the Steam store page and wishlist it for future updates.