Metal Hellsinger

A first-person rhythm shooter called Metal Hellsinger? Get outta here!

There’s a ‘:’ in there, grammar police, I know, but it mucks up the nerdy stuff behind the scenes.

We’ve seen it all with first-person shooters, they’ve developed so much that we’re now seeing out of body experiences with third-person titles.

Metal Hellsinger - Hellfire
I am the God of Hellfire and I bring you… rhythm. Source: PR

Now there’s a shooter title that implements music, to what publishers Funcom and game studio The Outsiders are pushing as ‘the most metal game ever made’.

That’s a HUGE statement, and if they can back that up, I’ll eat my made up hat. Made of metal. Could it knock Valfaris off as ‘most metal’?

Metal Hellsinger is coming to the PC, current and next-generation consoles as it’s not out until 2021, but with that bold claim, let’s sit this one out.

Watch and listen to it in action (music is by Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg, also known as Two Feathers):

If you’re a metalhead like me, bookmark the official site and keep your eye on the news.

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