Mercyful Flames Reignites A Series Of Witch Hunts For The PC and Switch

A detective RPG based on horror board games? An intriguing concept, and all the more reason to wishlist Mercyful Flames...

A detective adventure RPG that takes its inspiration from horror board games, Mercyful Flames is a game from Gaming Factory and Asmodev for PC and the Switch.

In the game you play an occultist inquisitor, leading a witch hunt. Noted as a slow burner, the story takes place in the Dark Ages where education was also in the dark, with a lack of written material available.

According to the write-up, your character isn’t best suited to this new role, as there’s a conflict of interest when you ‘join the ranks of a bloodthirsty church’ and need to save your beloved.

Mercyful Flames - High stakes
High stakes. Source: Steam

Key features in Mercyful Flames include:

  • Be quick or be dead. Track down your opponents before they manage to implement their plans.
  • Roam the world of the Dark Ages. Explore the wild and deserted nooks of the kingdom.
  • Use God’s Grace. Develop your skills through your power from above.
  • Achieve your goal at all costs. Accuse the villagers of witchcraft and pacts with the devil if necessary.
  • Become the ultimate interrogator. Break your enemies’ will and force them to reveal their darkest secrets.
  • Make good use of heavenly support. Ask the Lord to send favors and to help you in your investigation.
  • Get creative. And develop terrifying torture machines.
  • Do what inquisitors do. Burn the enemies of the church.
  • Stick with the mighty. Earn the grace of the king and the pope to become the Grand Witch Hunter.

A moving image sequence:

Mercyful Flames will be released on the Switch and Steam.