Medium Sets The Bar High In Dual-Reality Adventure

Boasting the first dual-reality mechanics in a game, MEDIUM is heading to the Xbox Series X and PC this year.

Medium is due on the Xbox Series X, as well as Steam by the end of the year. This is a brief news piece, as the accompanying trailer speaks volumes.

While I’d like you to lap up every word served in front of you, I’d encourage you to skip to the trailer for the game – not only is it a unique idea, but it’s beautiful, in a bleak way, too.

In this third-person psychological horror title from Bloober Team, known for Blair WitchObserver and Layers of Fear, the game boasts the first ‘official dual-reality gameplay’ in a title.

Medium - Dual-reality
Dual-reality tech. Source: Steam

Players control Marianne a medium who can effortlessly switch between our world and the realm beyond – the Spirit World, through a mixture of exploration and puzzles through her Out of Body ability.

Additionally, there are no loading screens as you shift plains, all perfectly tuned to a score by the legendary Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame. And yes, I own multiple albums by him. He’s wicked.

Watch the trailer below with comments from the Lead Designer at Bloober Team:

Medium is touted for the Xbox X series as well as the PC via Steam for the end of the year.

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