Medieval Dynasty Lifestyle More Desirable Than 2020

Medieval Dynasty setting more desirable than 2020 as more and more gamers flock to this Early Access title.

Ever feel like you were born in the wrong age? You’re not the only one as the masses are flocking to Medieval Dynasty to get their kicks and give the finger to the modern age. iPhone 12? Give me a potato any day of the week.

Not too shabby for Toplitz Productions and RenderCube as the game is still in Early Access, yet it has had ‘unprecendented incredibly positive likes on Steam – over 8500’. 

Medieval Dynasty boasts four genres: survival, adventure, RPG and simulation, meaning its appeal is pretty broad. If you consider the success of the likes of Skyrim, then it makes sense, but Johnny Public isn’t interested in dragons, they just want the humble life of a farmer and their empire.

Medieval Dynasty - Historical recreation
It started with a blacksmith. Source: Steam

Still in Early Access, there have been more than 20 updates already. Here’s a list from the developers thus far:

  • One of the first big additions to the game are events. The events cover various aspects of gameplay, and depending on your decisions, they will have specific outcomes.
  • We also added a few more items for you that will make your life easier, and your village prettier – enjoy the new street lighting!
  • To make the game accessible to many players we added many new languages like Russian, French, Japanese, Italian and many more
  • There is now an additional opportunity to get food – fishing. You’ll be able to catch different species of fish in various locations and craft new tools. 
  • A highly requested feature from the community is the path- and roadbuilding. You can now plan the layout of buildings and roads according to your plan.

Future updates include riding, farming, barkeeping and bandits, so the future is looking pretty good indeed. I won’t go over it again as you can read the Medieval Dynasty Early Access Review I concocted back in the Dark Ages.

In the meantime, here’s some footage if these words are painting a picture:

Medieval Dynasty is currently in Early Access and can be purchased on the respective Steam page.