Check Out The (Game) Mechanics In Mechanic Battle For The Switch

Micro Machines meets Car Mechanic Simulator? Yes, please! Mechanic Battle is an arcade racer for the Nintendo Switch out now.

Mechanic Battle doesn’t really pop, but reading through the specs, it’s been compared to Micro Machines and Car Mechanic Simulator, so it warrants a look.

So, scrolling down, which you’ll do in a minute, a trailer pops up and… BOOM! Sold. A Nintendo Switch exclusive from Catastrophe Games (The Unholy Society and Theatre of Sorrows), this arcade racer has you fixing up the cars and racing them in three different types of races over 24 varied routes.

Key features in Mechanic Battle include:

  • arcade racing
  • car mechanic simulator
  • 10 types of cars and 24 routes
  • expansive career mode
  • a vast amount of customisation and tuning options

But don’t take my word for it with all these words; watch the trailer below:

Mechanic Battle is available now on the Nintendo Switch.