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Mean-While… An Indie Game Is Released On Steam

Mean-While is an action platformer that has two megalomaniacs kinda join forces to solve a common problem: escape from one another’s fortresses.

Developers Project Tranquil are behind the game, the same team that unleased Dev Guy and Secret Santa, but they can’t take credit for that surely? That’s been a pinnacle at office places since time began.

In the game, you play both characters; Join Skeleman and his rival Dr. Dangerous who are caught up in each other’s fortresses. Switching between the two, expect to see ‘non-stop jumping, slashing, shooting, bombing, bashing and grappling to the worlds end’. 

Mean-While - Dangerous
This is Dangerous. Source: Steam

It’s not all action-based as there are puzzles, upgrades and secrets to discover. The key thing is to work together if you’re to get through the ordeal.

Here’s a Mean-While trailer:

Out now on Steam, ‘pick up your copy today’.

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