Mayhem Brawler Preview: Fisticops

Join Earth, Wind and Fire (a.k.a. Dolphin, Star and Trouble) in upcoming beat 'em up Mayhem Brawler for Steam. This is based on the recent playable demo.

I’m not one of those people who can tip a game to be a hit; I just know what I like. That said, Mayhem Brawler, to me, has the potential of climbing the ranks of top side-scrolling beat ’em ups. As long as it heads to consoles too.

We covered the game in a news post a while back, but since playing it during the Steam Next Fest, general impressions were very good. You have to take the story and characterisations with a pinch of salt – they go with the territory.

That said, you pick one of three supercops: Dolphin, Star and Trouble. Granted, Rod, Jane and Freddie don’t have the impact. You paint the town red with these folks’ fists and feet, making up for the lame names. Sorry, I called it.

Mayhem Brawler - Trouble x5
Trouble x5. Source: Steam

Mayhem Brawler Preview

A beat ’em up from Hero Concept, you pick your cop (should that be vigilante?!) and head to the streets to knock some sense into the crims.

Anyone familiar with the recent Streets Of Rage revival will be in their element here, though the story elements were a bit naff, and I wasn’t a fan of all the hashtag type stuff. But… each to their own.

Mayhem Brawler can be a co-op, but in the short confines of a demo, I played this alone and poorly. If you have the time to watch the footage, you’ll see that I was pretty dire. I can blame the keyboard for being a little awkward, but it was 85% me.

In my defence, it wasn’t as bad as the end-stage boss’ accent. I almost want to embrace that archaic Dick Van ‘how all Brits talk’ Dyke stereotype. It’s better than the accent I heard here. Or was it Australian? They sound so similar. Not.

Regardless, Mayhem Brawler is one to watch, and we only have to wait until August for it to come out on Steam. If you’re keen, wishlist it now and get notified on the release date, etc.