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Märchen Forest Sets Out To Crawl Some Dungeons In 2021

Märchen Forest is a dungeon-crawling RPG from PrimaryOrbit that’s coming to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam in January 2021.

Another Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc. release, and available in a Limited Edition package featuring a deluxe acrylic figure of the heroine Mylne, an apprentice apothecary who lives with her grandpa in the mysterious forest.

Searching said forest for the ingredients to brew her potions, Mylne finds herself caught up in a mystery that leads her to the Underground Ruins located beneath the forest. 

Märchen Forest - Skelewag
Skelewag. Source: Steam

A fantasy RPG throughout, Märchen Forest was first envisioned in 2015 by Shinano Ishiguro and over the years has seen updates from the input of fans. Visuals have since been improved and the addition of voice actress Ayana Taketatsu as Mylne.

Check out the trailer below, albeit it, an older one:

Märchen Forest is coming to the PS4, Switch and PC on the 28th of January 2021.

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