Madshot: Road To Madness Standalone Demo, FREE For Owners Of The EA

Madshot is back in a playable standalone demo called Madshot: Road to Madness. Play it on Steam now!

Not content with releasing the excellent Lovecraft-inspired Madshot, Overflow and HOOK have announced another game featuring the acrobatic hero in Madshot: Road To Madness – available to play as a demo on Steam at this very moment.

A standalone spin-off, it’s just as hectic as the last outing, if not more. As an alchemist and metaphysician who fiddled with things they weren’t supposed to (no cheap hairy palms joke, thank you very much), they find themself in an eldritch nightmare, destroying but mostly evading all sorts of nastiness through their enviable agility.

Madshot: Road To Madness is a rogue-like – the same as its counterpart – featuring a parkour-like finesse while collecting some unique weapons and perks. Which ones will you get on the next run/flip?

Here’s the Madshot: Road To Madness trailer:

Ah, but this is a cash grab, isn’t it? You read the Madshot preview and bought that early on, but now you have to buy another? Good news, everyone: it’s free if you own the game. If you haven’t bought it, Cthulhu will be coming for you.