Macrotis A Mother’s Journey – Help Bilby Save Her Children On The Nintendo Switch

Already available on PS4 and Xbox One, Macrotis gets greenlit on the Nintendo Switch with a 15th July release date.

Help Bilby find her missing children in Macrotis A Mother’s Journey 2.5D platformer coming to the Switch next week.

From Eastasiasoft, you have to help a mouse(?) find her children through some harsh environments, yet beautiful ones at that. The PR states that, but check out the screenshots and video, and you can see for yourself how lush these locations are.

Macrotis A Mother's Journey - Rocky road
Rocky Road. Source: Eastasiasoft

Nibbling your way through the environment is the first step, but in your quest, you’ll uncover new abilities, some of which are supernatural ones that help to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Key features in Macrotis A Mother’s Journey include:

  • Navigate deceptively gorgeous landscapes.
  • Overcome obstacles by gnawing and digging!
  • Manipulate water physics to proceed without drowning.
  • Obtain magical abilities to pass through walls or raise barriers.
  • Gather collectables to learn the lore of the surrounding world!

And here’s that trailer:

Macrotis A Mother’s Journey comes out on the Switch from the 15th July at US$11.99/€11.99 with a 20% discount for three weeks from release. Alternatively, digital versions are available now on PS4 and Xbox One.