Ecstasy, Gods, Transformations And Lots Of Erotica – Lust Of God Is On The Way

The third major tale on the Lust series, Lust of God follows the aftermath of Lauv'abrac

After the recent ParanoidMadmind Studio is already gearing up for its next title; this time, it’s Lust of God. Yes, sexy detectives would be right in concluding that this is a sequel to Lust from Beyond and the earlier Lust for Darkness.

I have a soft (or hard) spot for the series – a Lovecraft-inspired first-person horror with boobs and bums, created by Movie Games. In the most recent title, the goal was to summon Lauv’abrarc – the God of Ecstasy, and in this third instalment, he’s arisen.

An unexpected turn of events occurs, and the military gets involved, launching nuclear weapons at the god, thus creating a closed zone of mutations. Cue the Cult of Ecstasy, who use these events to transform their bodies for pleasure. In Lust of God, you play a young woman experiencing these transformations and hearing the voice of Lauv’abrarc.

Key features include:

  • Personal, deep story infused with horror
  • Disturbing atmosphere blending psychosis with surrealism
  • Bold erotic themes in a horror setting
  • Terrifying enemies to confront
  • Gory executions
  • Logical puzzles
  • Elaborate ASMR system “voices of ecstasy” you hear in your head
  • World inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksiński.

Watch the trailer (if you’re old enough):

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