Lust From Beyond has a sequel already? Not really. Lust From Beyond M Edition is a boner (intentional) fide censored version of the original game. There are no new features, additional characters, or changes to either ending. 

So what’s the point?

I thought Movie Games’ original would be a big hit. Yes, sex sells, and the chorus of flies being undone makes sense, but this is heavily edited. If you were getting this as a substitute for ‘extracurricular activities’ on the interwebs, then I worry about you. I have a lot of love (not lust) for the game, but the sex scenes aren’t just titillation but also instil fear and disgust. This won’t be for everyone, hence the M Edition.

Not everyone wants QTE sex scenes in absurd settings, with… things. The makers of Lust From Beyond M Edition said that the game could hold its own without the gratuitous scenes, and while nudity shouldn’t be the driving force, I have to say that I missed it. The game is the same, but some bits have been removed entirely or covered with loincloths. 

Lust From Beyond M Edition Review - A 1000 Words
A 1000 words, just no rude ones. Source: Screen capture

As for the story, you play Victor Holloway – an antique dealer who has terrible visions. After his girlfriend recommends him to a psychotherapist, he gets entangled with opposing cults, mysticism and sacrifices. Our friend Victor has a significant role to play as a Seeing One, and could be the key to the mystical realm of Lust’ghaa.

Shacking up with Cult of Ecstasy in their mansion, he shifts between reality and the gates of Lust’ghaa. This alternate world is a stunning environment. It’s monstrous yet alluring, merging organic life with a mechanical aesthetic as per the works of HR Giger. Zdzisław Beksiński’s influence is now evident, having checked out his work. I suggest you look him up.

Arguably the most relevant inspiration for the story is H.P. Lovecraft – an author many gamers are familiar with. Lust From Beyond M Edition isn’t a reimagining of From Beyond, but you can pick out the cosmic themes and doomed protagonist arcs throughout. The narrative is like the Lovecraft-inspired Theatre of Sorrows and Call of Cthulu; only the endings aren’t as abrupt.

Aesthetics-wise, the game is terrific. I was beginning to think this new version would be my preference. I’m no more a perv than your average gamer, but some of the sex-related scenes were too much. Granted, that’s to infuse terror, but some of the interactions played on my mind with a few moments of self-doubt. “Why the hell am I playing this sort of thing?!”. The character modelling can be a bit off in places – the masks elegantly counter that, but Lust’ghaa is the beautiful, as is the mansion.

Lust From Beyond M Edition Review - You're not Jonathan
Wait.. you’re not Jonathan… Source: Screen capture

The gameplay is a little on the easy side, and having finished Lust From Beyond four times now, I realise there isn’t that much combat or stealth, but more so than Lust For Darkness. The puzzles were excellent and pleasing even after completing them multiple times. The bosses, two in total, were underwhelming, but truth be told, I was in it for the story and unsettling atmosphere. On that basis, I still think Lust From Beyond M Edition is worth it.

But which version do you get?

That’s up to you. I understand the need to release this edition and respect it. Options are good, but I’m not a fan of censorship. Removing the orgy scenes is fine, plus getting rid of the wooden dildos was… pleasant. However, changing the paintings in the mansion, updating the statues and removing their special purpose was too much. If you want to get off on a game, there’s plenty out there, but for me, Lust From Beyond is erotica – and whether you like it or not, art.

Yes, you can play the game in its entirety without the nudity, and it tells the same story. Still, it’s far more disturbing with semi-naked assailants chasing you, Giger-like chimaeras metamorphosed into the walls around you, and doorways looking like your first entrance into this world. Don’t overthink it; you won’t be able to look your mother in the face.

Lust From Beyond M Edition Review - Down the rabbit hole
Further down the creepy rabbit hole. Source: Screen capture

Lust From Beyond M Edition will appeal to a broader audience who can’t tolerate/aren’t interested in the erotica side. It’ll also keep the censors happy. However, the original is the best version (there’s always the option to use mosaic on the sexy bits if necessary), plus you get all the extras such as the character model explorer with all the ‘skins’, and the bonus org- rituals. It’s still a terrifying title and one I’ll continue to recommend.