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Lust From Beyond – Willy Bum Bum

Lust From Beyond is an erotic psychological adventure from the team that brought us Lust For Darkness.

Two words drew me to Lust From Beyond, and neither of them was tits and arse, but Lovecraft and Giger. Beksinski if you want to count three.

I find it a little hard to analyse erotica in games as it’s either there for titillation or a cheap joke, but it’s the beginning of the week, so there’s nothing wrong with having a quick look at this horror title.

Lust Beyond - Giger counter
Giger counter. Source: PR

From the same creators of Lust For DarknessMovie Games have created a first-person psychological horror in the same universe and encourages players to dive into these devious waters by playing the demo or Prologue available now on Steam.

In the game, players can expect to see:

  • Bold erotic themes merged into horror convention
  • Gameplay from the point of Victor Holloway, the Seeing One
  • World inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger and Beksiński
  • Exploring a graphically advanced environment, full of interactive items and ingenious puzzles
  • Running from and fighting otherworldly monsters!
  • Rich sound and music design

It depends what floats your boat, but the following trailer for Lust From Beyond is hardly titillating but creates a very grotesque world that has a sinister lure to it.

If this is anything like Lust For Darkness, then I can verify that it will likely have you uneasy – for the right reasons? Check out the Steam page (currently unavailable at the time of writing) for further details, but the full game is out on the 24th September.

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