Lust For Darkness Completely, Utterly and Entirely Free This Weekend On Steam

The prequel to Lust From Beyond, Movie Games are offering Lust For Darkness for free this weekend on Steam.

In the hot anticipation for Lust From Beyond, read about the beta here; the good folk at Movie Games are giving away Lust For Darkness to Steam users this weekend (27th-28th February 2021), completely free to play, without any sacrifices required.

I saw the notification late last night and thought, ‘that’ll be our little secret. The wife will be downstairs, and I’ll have an early night playing this story of the occult…’. That’s when it occurred to me to share the good news. Also, it came in my inbox again, so worth mentioning.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Lust For Darkness is a first-person puzzle title of nightmares and erotica, inspired by Lovecraft and Giger. Surely you don’t need their initials – you know who I mean.

You play Victor Holloway, plagued by otherwordly visions, he seeks them out, which might not be such a good thing. I’ve had Lust For Darkness for an age on the Switch and never got around to putting out a review, so now’s the chance.

Beat me to it, and download Lust For Darkness this weekend!