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Lunch A Palooza out now
Source: PR


Lunch A Palooza Is A Literal Food Fight On PS4 and Switch

Fight with friends on the dinner table instead of at it, in Lunch A Palooza – a food brawler out now on PS4 and Switch.

Who’s up for a literal food fight? Lunch A Palooza is a brawler for foodies, were the characters you play are a variety of dishes from the menu. Out now on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

From Seashell Studio and Alternative Software, this multiplayer game has players fight it out on a dining table to beat the hell out of their fellow meals for ‘gastro-dominance’. Yeah, that’s a thing.

We are excited to finally offer Lunch a Palooza on a whole variety of platforms… With multiple modes and characters to select from, Lunch a Palooza provides hours of fun party action through hysterical food encounters.

Rodrigo Cuadriello from Seashell Studio.
Lunch A Palooza - Dining
Fine dining. Source: PR

Choosing from one of eight dishes, the rules in Lunch A Palooza are to get your opponents off the table using a variety of power-ups and unique attacks for each item. In addition to other players, there are environmental hazards too, such as flying knives and forks.

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The game features the following modes:

  • Main Course – a free-for-all where each player has five lives and aims to be the last edible standing.
  • Royal Buffet – as above but with unlimited lives and a set timer to have the least falls at the end.
  • Side Dish – team battles.
  • King of the Cloche – a battle royale for cloche domination.

Here’s the trailer:

Lunch A Palooza is out now for the PS4 and Switch.

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