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Lumione Lights The Way On Steam, Then Nintendo Switch

Hold your lighters out for Lumione, a puzzle game of mysterious luminosity origins. For Steam and later the Nintendo Switch.

Lumione coming soon
Source: PR

Set in a deep-sea world, Lumione is an upcoming puzzle game from Perfect World Entertainment and Glimmer Studio for Steam, and later on, the Nintendo Switch.

Legend has it that a light has appeared in the darkness and sent for tiny elves to search for its source, to bring the light into the long night. Probably best to view the trailer on this one as it’s a visual treat.

Lumione - Platformy
Platformy. Source: PR

Key features in Lumione include:

  • A gorgeously rendered game world built using the power of Unreal Engine 4.
  • Technology is focused on portraying a dynamic, ever-changing deep-sea landscape.
  • Players will encounter deadly traps and puzzles that must be overcome in the search for light.
  • Four chapters and hundreds of levels
  • Dozens of challenging mechanics
  • Continued development will add new features and mechanics via DLC

Here’s one of the trailers:

Wishlist Lumione now on Steam, and keep an eye out for it on the Nintendo Switch.

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